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The Study Group for Architecture and Urban Conservation was esthablished to facility and enhance interest in this specific field.

It aims to resolve various problems such as:

The issues on conservation of architecture and urban is still in the early stage of movement in Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia. It is realized that the degree program or specialization on architecture and urban conservation in this region has not been established.  Some universities such as University of Singapore, Gadjah Mada Unversity, Institute Technology Bandung, etc, under the architecture and urban design degree program recently offer elective courses in this field. 

Although, students in the under and graduate program who choose the final projects in the issue of conservation have rapidly increased.  Under the movement of conservation, the problem nowadays is the lack of wider theoretical underpining for practicalities of conservation planning in the academic society.


Tongseng in Tamansari

Small Scale Industrial Linkage on Conservation Planning for Urban and Rural Space Heritage, Case Study: Yogyakarta Special Territory, Supported by University Research for Graduate Education (URGE)

photo by sita adishakti


Panti Rapih Hospital (Eks. Zending Hospital)

Survey and identification of historical buildings in Yogyakarta

photo by sita adishakti




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